Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tuesday's Tip #2 (Timing Yourself to Complete Tasks)

Good morning and Happy Tuesday!

This week's "Tuesday's Tip" has to do with motivating ourselves to complete those tasks that we procrastinate on because we don't enjoy doing them.  Often times, we make excuses as to why we can't dust/mop/vacuum/clean toilets, etc. because of a time constraint.

But have you ever really timed yourself to see how long a task actually takes to complete?

Me neither.

Until my dear friend, Lori, suggested that I stop complaining about my untidy house...set a timer...and get to work!

Now, the tasks that we procrastinate on are different for each of us.
For me, it  is vacuuming stairs (we've got two full staircases because of our finished 3rd story attic space) and emptying the dishwasher.  

The dishwasher is the most problematic because by ignoring and/or procrastinating on this one, dirty dishes then build up in my sink...my sink gets icky...my counter tops begin to get cluttered with drinking cups and snack plates, leftover lunch dishes, etc. and then the whole kitchen goes down the drain!  (Pun intended!)  

This drives me bonkers.  But, for whatever reason, I hate emptying the dishwasher.  (I have no idea why...they're clean dishes for heaven's sake!)

But when I set the timer for 3 minutes I find that I can actually "beat the clock" and be finished with anywhere from 30-seconds to a minute to spare.  

Really?  It only takes me two minutes to empty my dishwasher and yet, I put it off causing more work and time loss as the day goes on...

Staircases are another cleaning task where I procrastinate...

Dragging out the vacuum...using attachments...it takes forever...

Actually, it too takes me about two (2) minutes to complete this task!

So there you have it...

...by using a timer we can motivate ourselves to complete tasks that we put off leaving ourselves with a home that feels more like a haven.

NOTE TO SELF...must.paint.stairwell!  At first I thought that was shadow markings on the painted wall...but now I see that it is greasy little hand prints.  :)  While a sweet visual for this mama that her babies and toddlers are growing up and now walking up and down stairs like big-kids...a not-so-sweet visual for visitors!  LOL  

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