Friday, September 20, 2013

I *heart* Quilting

Lest you think me boring...or having nothing else to talk about besides housecleaning...I'm here to prove you wrong!

I love quilts.

I mean, I really love quilts.

And I own several and have been gifted a few,

but I have yet to finish one on my own.

I'm hoping to change that this month!

Tonight I purchased this "layer cake" Scrumptious by Bonnie & Camille for Moda Fabrics,

(I buy a lot of Bonnie & Camille...their fabrics just speak to me!)

and this weekend I plan on piecing together a simple throw quilt.

(The boys are going to a Kansas City Royals baseball game tomorrow night and so #1 daughter and I plan to have a sewing party!)

One of the reasons that I have never actually finished a quilt (although I have started many) is because I am a perfectionist.  And while one might think that perfectionism would translate to beautiful finished really just causes me paralysis.  "My seams aren't rows aren't lining quilting isn't binding stitches are visible..."

You get the idea.

I can be really hard on myself...and rather than learn from my mistakes, or allow myself to revel in an accomplishment, I rip out stitches or quit the project halfway through...

(I love paisley!)

So, since I am posting publicly tonight...and this new blog of mine is really helping me to hold myself accountable...I'm thinking positively that this month I will actually FINISH my first throw-size lap quilt!

Happy Friday Friends!

What are you piecing with needle and thread?

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