Wednesday, September 18, 2013

"It's Fall Y'ALL Cleaning Challenge" Day 3

You know what they say about the best laid plans...

...well, yesterday got away from me and I found myself unable to stick to my original cleaning plan!

Yesterday, I was supposed to tackle my Family Room, but I had a "to do list" a mile long for my job and so I was unable to clean before I went into work.

*side note*  After being a stay-at-home mom for the past five years, I recently returned to the classroom...the Special Ed classroom, more commonly referred to as "the Resource Room".  I am only working 12-hours a week...while my youngest is at preschool...but it is still an adjustment for everyone.  (I plan to do a series of blog posts on getting yourself and school-age kiddos organized as a new working mom.)

Anyway, an after-school staff meeting delayed me even further and so today I need to double up on my Fall Clean-Up tasks.  I don't want to get too far off track because if I do, I won't get it all accomplished before this weekend..and I promised to put up fall decorations with the kids!

So without further ado, here is my accountability list for getting the Family Room deep cleaned this morning.  This afternoon, I will tackle Thursday's to-do list (laundry room and half-bath), which will leave my kitchen for day off!  :)

Family Room

  • Vacuum/dust Ceiling Fan
  • Vacuum/dust Fireplace Mantle (including wall)
  • Vacuum/dust Cold Air Return vent
  • Take Down/Shake Out Window Treatments
  • Vacuum/Dust Miniblind Slats
  • Vacuum/Dust Baseboards
  • Wash Windows (interior and exterior)
  • Wipe Down/Polish Coffee Tables
  • Organize Game Shelves (located in flat screen TV stand)
  • Windex Flat Screen TV Stand Doors
  • Vacuum Couch Cushions/Rotate Cushions
  • Vacuum and Mop Hardwood Floors
  • Move and Vacuum Area Rug

Any tips for cleaning your fireplace glass a real wood-burning fireplace?  The fire hubby is a "real wood-burning fire" fanatic during the Fall and Winter months. I hate how dirty the glass doors get and how the hearth has become discolored.  

Cute preschooler who didn't want to move for my photo session.  :)

I hope you're having a fantastic Wednesday!  I sure am enjoying my deep cleaned rooms and they're actually inspiring all of us in the family to pick up after ourselves in the other rooms.  Win-Win!


  1. EEEEEEEK! Val! I am loving this place here! You knew I would, right? I am joining at once, my friend. : )

    1. Billie Jo, I *heart* you! You are such a true friend to me. BTW...Blogger has held my family blog captive (I have to pay to upgrade my storage and can't post until I do...) Criminal, I tell ya!