Tuesday, September 17, 2013

"It's FALL Y'ALL Cleaning Challenge" Days 1 & 2

Good morning!  

Well, yesterday was the first day of my 7-day self-imposed cleaning challenge and it feels great to have accomplished my Day 1 tasks (cleaning my front formal rooms...living and dining).

Here's a checklist of what I did for each room to make them sparkle and shine.

Formal Dining Room
  • Washed Dining Room Windows (interior and exterior)
  • Dusted China Cabinet (interior and exterior)
  • Dusted Cookbook Shelf/Curio Cabinet
  • Dusted Chandelier
  • Vacuumed Cold Air Return Vent
  • Vacuumed and Wiped Down Chair Rail
  • Wiped Down/Polished Dining Room Table (top and base)
  • Vacuumed and Wiped Down Baseboards
  • Vacuumed Carpet (moving small furniture pieces...chairs, plants, etc.)

Following are a few photos of our "formal" dining room.  I use that term loosely!  When my hubby and I built our home 12-years ago, we chose a "Greek Revival Farmhouse" design out of a "house plans" book.  (That would be code for...didn't really comprehend the size of the rooms!)  Our "eat-in" kitchen is SMALL, and so I decided many years ago that the "formal dining room" (fairly LARGE space) didn't really meet our needs as a formal room, and instead would be converted into our everyday dining room.  

 As you can see from the pictures, I prefer a "farmhouse-style" for decorating.  (More to come in a future post about the decor plans for this room.)  

For now, here is a glimpse into our everyday dining area.

Formal Living Room

  • Washed Living Room Windows (interior and exterior)
  • Vacuum/dusted Cold Air Return Vent
  • Dusted Top and Sides of Armoire
  • Dusted/Wiped with Damp Cloth Leather Couch
  • Moved Couch/Dog House for Vacuuming
  • Dusted/Wiped Down Baseboards
  • Dusted/Windexed Glass Top Ladies Writing Desk
  • Cleaned out Piano Bench
  • Dusted Piano and Photo Frames
  • Vacuumed Carpet
This room is sorely lacking in any particular design style and/or decor, but again has some beautiful pieces purchased and/or inherited (piano) over the years.  

Since I began blogging (five years ago...I have a family blog) and perusing Pinterest, I've become inspired by all of your beautiful home interiors and plan to make some decorating decisions for this room!  First up...some window treatments!  :)  

In the meantime, though, both of these rooms are clean!  

Today's challenge is our Family Room.  This room is positioned in the back of the house and is open to the kitchen. It gets the dirtiest as it is lived in the most.  After seeing how beautiful my front rooms look with just a simple deep cleaning, I'm inspired to continue on with the rest of my tasks.

Happy Tuesday!

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